Multidisciplinary Artist,
Maker, Educator.
Montréal CA - Rotterdam NL

--Three Dimensional--

Illuminated Fields
Untitled Series of Creation

--Two Dimensional--

Danse Des Étourneaux
Elevated Reliefs
Haukijärven Metsä
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Boutique LeLivArt

Illuminated Fields

ILLUMINATED FIELDS is the sequel to Van Kelle’s graduation work. In this work he elaborates on the topics he came across during his graduation work. This mean further stretching the concept of paintings, but also involving new techniques and materials.

Illuminated Fields is a serie in which both the desire to expose the different layers of paint and to approach painting as spatial objects takes a central position.  This desire has evolved into a installation with an ever growing number of cubes and cube related shapes. The combination of material and light exposes the many layers of paint applied to the paper. This makes for a new experience for the viewer and allows him to dwell away in the painting. At the same time the objects appear as solid forms, where they are in fact very fragile and need to be taken care of with caution.

Documentation: Wouter van Kelle / Sophie de Vos