Multidisciplinary Artist,
Maker, Educator.
Montréal CA - Rotterdam NL

--Three Dimensional--

Illuminated Fields
Untitled Series of Creation

--Two Dimensional--

Danse Des Étourneaux
Elevated Reliefs
Haukijärven Metsä
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Boutique LeLivArt

Haukijärven Metsä

The drawings show different traces of lichen, tiny symbiotic creatures who can be found in plenty in forests. Lichen can live almost anywhere, and can be an indication for the health of the forest. Lichen have been around for an astonishing long time, they play a vital part in our environment, and the history of the world. The work speaks about these soft beings and tells their story, and that of the forests. It speaks of its past, and it speaks of the nurturing care both supply.

During his residency at Arteles Creative Center, Wouter submerged himself fully in the forest, paying attention to the smallest details and grandest gestures she has to offer. The series of drawings he made are annotations of the memories and beings from the forests around the residency. On the last day of the residency Wouter spent his day letting go of the process, research and sketches by slowly burning them. In only keeping the final 50 drawings of the series he wanted to put the emphasis on the time and space in which the work is created, which is why Haukijärven Metsä (the forest of Haukijärven) became the name of the series.